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Code of Conduct
If you are about to see an event at Plovdiv Velodrome, please make sure you have read the Code of Conduct of the Venue.

I. Entry

1. You must produce a valid Ticket to gain entry to Plovdiv Velodrome and certain other Venues or areas within Plovdiv Velodrome and upon request for inspection at any time in such areas. Failure to produce your Ticket when requested may result in you being required to leave Plovdiv Velodrome or the relevant Venue.
2. Searching is a condition of entry to protect your safety and that of other visitors. We may conduct security searches of clothing, bags and other items, as determined by us in our reasonable discretion, including on entry and exit.
3. Prohibited Items
We reserve the right to prohibit within Plovdiv Velodrome or individual Venues:
(a) items which are or may be illegal. Anyone found in possession of illegal or contraband goods may also be liable for prosecution;
(b) weapons, ammunition, explosives, horns, whistles, drums, fireworks, flagpoles, large umbrellas or any other item which in our reasonable opinion, may cause danger or disruption to any Event or to other visitors (regardless of whether or not such item is illegal or is carried for specific purposes);
(c) items which artists performing at an Event or their management have asked us to prohibit or are otherwise prohibited pursuant to these Venue Terms.
You are not permitted to bring food and beverages into any Venue except as set out in section IV below.
4. You are responsible for safeguarding your property when at Plovdiv Velodrome and AEG will have no liability for property that is lost, stolen or damaged when at Plovdiv Velodrome. All items left with stewards before entry into the Venue are left at your own risk.
5. Animals, with the exception of assistance dogs, are not permitted in Plovdiv Velodrome. Customers attending with assistance dogs are requested to contact Plovdiv Velodrome in advance for further information.
6. You may not be permitted into Plovdiv Velodrome or any Venue, or may be ejected from it, and required to surrender any Tickets you hold, without refund, if you refuse to leave a Prohibited Item (see section 7.3) with our stewards or refuse to be searched or if, in our reasonable opinion, you or your behaviour or any item you are carrying:
(a) poses a health and safety risk;
(b) affects the enjoyment of other visitors;
(c) affects the running of the Event;
(d) may cause damage to or interfere with the property of AEG or the Organisers;
(e) is in breach of these Venue Terms;
(f) is illegal;
(g) may lead to a breach of any licensing conditions applicable at the Venue; or
(h) is in breach of any rules and regulations exhibited on notices at the Venue, such as:
(i) entering any backstage or prohibited areas
(ii) standing in seats or in walkways
(iii) climbing on the building structure
(iv) throwing any objects or substances onto the stage or into the crowd or at another visitor
(v) smoking.
7. Should you experience any problems while in Plovdiv Velodrome please contact the nearest steward so that every reasonable effort can be made to resolve the issue prior to, or during the Event you are attending as complaints are very difficult to resolve after the Event.

II. Events

1. There is no re-admission once you have left a Venue except in limited circumstances at our sole discretion. This does not include leaving Plovdiv Velodrome bowl where the performance is taking place in order to purchase refreshments or use the washroom facilities within Plovdiv Velodrome.
2. In relation to seated Events, other members of the audience may stand up during the Event which may block your view if you choose to remain seated or if they are taller than you. Refunds and compensation will not be offered if your view is restricted in this way.
3. Floor seating is not tiered and refunds or compensation will not be offered if your view is restricted as a result of the floor not being tiered.
4. There will be no admission to the Event before the designated opening times.
5. For some specific Events, and at the request of the artist, latecomers may not be admitted into the auditorium until a suitable break in the performance. 
6. The use of cameras, video and/or sound recording equipment is prohibited and such items may not be used within individual Venues except with our express written consent.
7. You are required to observe and comply with all rules and regulations shown on notices at Plovdiv Velodrome and individual Venues and to comply with all instructions given to you by Venue stewards and staff at the Event.
8. All advertised times are approximate and subject to change. It is your responsibility to make appropriate arrangements to ensure that you arrive at the Venue in sufficient time in case the Event starts early and to ensure that you are able to stay until the close of the Event should you wish to if it overruns. No refunds will be payable and we will not be responsible for the cost of alternative travel arrangements or for any other loss you suffer (including loss of enjoyment) as a result of an Event not running to the precise advertised times.
9. CCTV and film cameras may be present at and around Plovdiv Velodrome, this includes filming by the police or security staff carried out for the security of visitors, and filming and/or photography by Event Organisers. By purchasing a Ticket to an Event and/or attending Plovdiv Velodrome you give your express consent to all such filming and to your actual or simulated likeness being included within any film, photograph, audio and/or audiovisual recording (“Footage”), all rights in which will be owned by us, the Organiser or the relevant third party. You also agree that any such Footage may be used by us or the Organiser in any and all media for any purpose at any time throughout the world, including (with the exception of CCTV or security Footage) for commercial purposes, such as merchandising or DVDs, without payment or compensation to you.
10. You must leave the Venue quietly in consideration for our neighbours. Any failure to do so may result in you being refused entry to, or permission to purchase Tickets to, future Events.

III. Health and Safety

1. In case of emergency please follow instructions and directions from stewards, staff and/or other officials.
2. No smoking is permitted in any part of the Venue. Electronic cigarettes may be used only in designated parts of Plovdiv Velodrome where indicated by signage.
3. WARNING – prolonged exposure to loud noise may cause damage to your hearing. Flashing lights may be used during a performance.
4. If you have any specific access requirements, please contact us before purchasing Tickets, to ensure that we can accommodate your requirements. Accessible seating may not be available unless it is arranged in advance.
5. Please note that seats located at the top level of the arena are not recommended for those who have a fear of heights, or suffer from vertigo. Alternative seats will not be offered or made available to persons who purchase these Tickets.

IV. Food and Beverages
1. No food or beverages may be brought into Plovdiv Velodrome arena or indigo at Plovdiv Velodrome (except in limited circumstances on proven medical grounds) and may be restricted or limited in relation to Events taking place at other Venues at our discretion. A variety of food and beverages will be available for purchase within Plovdiv Velodrome.
2. Bottle tops will be removed from all bottles purchased from concourse outlets or bars inside Plovdiv Velodrome arena, indigo at Plovdiv Velodrome and Building Six to reduce the risk of them becoming rolling trip hazards, or used as missiles. Occasionally, drinks will be decanted into plastic cups.
3. When purchasing alcohol, if you appear to be under the age of 18, you may be asked for proof of age.
4. We reserve the right to refuse to serve you alcohol if, in our reasonable opinion, we believe that you are intoxicated or likely to become intoxicated if we serve you further alcoholic beverages.


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От началото до края на нашето сътрудничество видяхме пълен професионализъм и готовност за помощ от ваша страна. Това много ни помогна в подготовките и провеждането на тези важни за нас мероприятия.

Конгрес Свидетелите на Йехова

Благодарим на Вас и Вашия екип за високия професионализъм и оказаната подкрепа при организирането на специализирания здравен форум "Мама Знае".

Теодора Златева

Адаптив Комюникейшънс ООД

Уважаема г-жо Апостолова,
От името на целия екип на БГ Радио искам да изкажа нашата признателност за приятелското отношение, за отзивчивостта и помощта в организирането на Годишни Музикални Награди на БГ Радио 2022 в град Плодив.
Българската музика е огромна част от нашата култура и сме много щастливи, че благодарение на талантливите български артисти с общи усилия успяхме да я представим с бляскава церемония на европейско ниво в зала Колодрум, град Пловдив.
Професионализмът и съдействието на Вас и Вашия екип допринесоха за безпроблемното провеждане на събитието.
Благодарим Ви, че сте с нас!

Весела Матеева

Рег. директор БГ Радио

Уважаеми дами и господа,
От името на целия екип на БГ Радио искам да изкажа нашата признателност за приятелското отношение, за отзивчивостта, креативността и помощта в организирането на Годишните Музикални Награди на БГ Радио 2022 в град Пловдив.
Българската музика е огромна част от нашата култура и сме много щастливи, че с ваша помощ успяхме да я представим с блясъка, който заслужава. Заедно успяхме да създадем неповторима атмосфера в зала Колодрума и да превърнем 10 юни в най-големия празник на българската музика.
Това нямаше как да се случи без професионализма, съдействието и позитивната Ви енергия! За нас това означава много!

Весела Матеева

Рег. директор БГ Радио

Ръководството на многофункционалната зала, в лицето на г-жа Ева Апостолова, предоставиха уют, спокойствие и професионализъм за отличното протичане на Пловдив опен 2022.

Атмосферата бе наситена с позитивизъм, естетика и красота!
Много нови познанства между български, румънски, хърватски и италиански участници поставиха началото на нови приятелства!

Кремена Антонова

Главен организатор на "Пловдив Опен - Дъга от таланти"

От името на Българската Федерация Колоездене изказвам искрената си благодарност към Вас за отличната подготовка на залата и цялостното съдействие за провеждането на държавния лично-отборен шампионат на писта за мъже елит, жени елит и юноши старша възраст, проведен на 17-19.09.2021 година. Вярвам, че ще имаме все повече бъдещи поводи за съвместна дейност в областта на колоездачния спорт.

Борислав Иванов

Българска Федерация Колоездене

От името на целия екип на БГ РАДИО искам да изкажа нашата признателност за прителското отношение в организирането на Годишни Музикални Награди на БГ РАДИО 2021 в град Пловдив.
Българската музика е огромна част от нашата култура и сме много щастливи, че благодарение на талантливите български артисти с общи усилия успяхме да я представим с бляскава церемония на европейско ниво в зала Колодрум, град Пловдив.
Професионализмът и съдействието на екипа Ви допринесоха за безпроблемното и приятно провеждане на събитието!
Благодарим, че ни се доверихте!

Весела Матеева

БГ Радио

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