Kolodrum Plovdiv Administration Office is opened from Monday to Friday from 09:00 till 18:00.


Please, contact a member of the guard or a Kolodrum Plovdiv staff member. You can also check our our page "Lost & Found" at our official website.

Please contact contact a member of the guard or a Kolodrum Plovdiv staff member.

Yes, apart from the events when this is strictly forbidden by the event organizer.

Не е желателно да се използва светкавица.

Yes, but only at the day of the event from the box office, located in our Venue.

Tickets for people with dissadvantages are no different. They do get a special service though and there are specific seats provided for them. In case you are a person with dissability and you would like to attend an event here, please contact us in advance by email.

 You can check the view of your seat in the Seat View page of our official website.

It depends on what are you about to attend but always follow the rule - the closer to the stage/ground, the better.

Check out with the ticket promoter of each event.

From every authorised partner of the ticket seller, as well as the box office of the Venue.

In such case, contact your ticket seller.

It is different for each event. Our advice is to try to come at least one hour earlier.

Практиката е това да се случва около 1 до 1.5ч. преди събитие.

Музикалните около 19:00 и 20:00ч., при спортните има разнообразие.

Yes, you can.

Outside of the Venue, at the places that are marked for that.