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Technical Data
The Plovdiv Velodrome sports venue was officially opened in august 2015. The whole investment in the building was 49 mln. leva.

Kolodrum Plovdiv is built on a 9845 sq. m. area and has an actual size of 27 015 sq. m. It has two underground levels as well as three above ground. The venue can meet the requirements of 22 different sports. The field sizes are - 44.8 meters length (between roof pillars) and 31.1 meters width (when stands are out). The height is 16.2 meters.
This is the second largest venue of this type in Bulgaria and the only one with indoor velodrome at the Balkans. The Arena is connected to four boulevards so getting here is easy.
There is special access and area for people with dissabilities. During an event, the venue can meet 24 people with wheelchairs. There are also special parking spots for disadvantaged people.
Kolodrum Plovdiv in details:
- 6062 seats (1490 are at the telescopic stands at the ground level and 24 spots for wheelchairs);
- 149 VIP seats;
- Cycle Track with Olympic size - 250 meters length and 7 meters width. It is made out of north larch and meets all requirements of the UCI.
- Three smaller halls for small events or preparation;
- Presscenter with 100 seats;
- Dressing rooms - 6 for teams and 2 individual;
- Two coach rooms;
- Referee rooms;
- Doping control area;
- Medical cabinet;
- Other staff rooms.